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Fanny Gogh is a pseudo name for the Manchester based artist Sian Elizabeth.

Sian was given the name by a U.K tabloid after she used ladies lingerie in her mixed media painting/collage of a knickerbokaglory ice cream desert in her Beautiful Trash exhibition 2009.

Since then the name has stuck as celebrities from all over the world send the fun loving artist their 'smalls' to be part of her knickerbokerglories.

The saucy pieces of art have raised thousands of pounds for various charities.

Behind the fun and outrageous Fanny is also a well established and experienced artist as Sian has worked in the international art and design industry since graduating from Buckinghamshire New University in 1991 where she specialised in Textile design and surface decoration.

Her extensive experience and contageous passion for creativity has enabled the vibrant artist to develop a diverse and ever evolving portfolio.

The northern artist who is well known for pushing creative boundaries is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging artistic expression amongst people of all ages and walks of life.

"Everyone is a creative on different scales of a large spectrum.

Some are fully switched on from birth, others tune in at different stages.

Me .. I was born and stuck at full blast."

Fanny Gogh

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