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Fanny Gogh's collaboration with The National Football Museum began in 2016 when she launched her 'Super Manager' exhibition and merchandise there.

Her 'Mashup Galactica' collection can also be found in the museums shop.


The Mancheter artist grew up with a dad who is a dedicated Manchester United supporter and in fact says that she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the club.

As the story goes her dad Bryn was born in Newport South Wales and traveled from Newport to Old Trafford regularly to watch his team play.

On most match days Bryn's partner in crime and best buddy Stan managed to arrange a place to sleep for the night at his cousin Norma's house in Salford.

Bryn and Norma got on great! and the rest is history.

Although growing up with the sights and sounds of football around her the artist was never interested in the game.

It wasn't until Fanny was commissioned by her client and collector Paul Walker to create an abstract version of the French Footballer Eric Cantona that she fell in love with the passion, colour and drama of the game. 

Fanny recently made her first MUTV debut, featuring in a documentary about the 1977 FA cup win at Wembley where she was painting a piece to commemorate this.

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